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Township of Winslow – Veterans Day Essay Contest 2022 Theme -"Honor"

Students at Winslow Township Middle and High Schools participated in the Township of Winslow 2022 Veterans Day Essay Contest. The theme of this year’s contest was “Honor.” The winners of the Essay Contest were invited to the Township’s Veterans Day Ceremony as well as the Board of Education’s Regular Meeting on November 22. The winners of the contest are listed below.

Congratulations to the following students, we are Winslow Proud of You!

7th Grade Essay Winners: Ms. Smith
o Ashley Elizabeth Proctor (1st Place)
o Basil Ayden Ade (2nd Place)
o Gianna Potuto (3rd Place)

8th Grade Essay Winners: Mrs. Smith
o Fatima Nazir Iqbal (1st Place)
o Anaya Wright (2nd Place)
o Hillary Amankwah (3rd Place)

12th Grade Essay Winners: Mr. Pino
o Debbie Akangbe (1st Place)
o Anthony Intessimoni (2nd Place)
o Victor Nyamai (3rd Place)

Pictured from left to right:

Mr. Kurtis Marella, HS Principal, Mr. Daron Wright, MS Assistant Principal, Fatima Iqbal, Hillary Amankwah, Debbie Akanghe, Anaya Wright, Gianna Potuto, Ashley Proctor, Basil Ade, Ms. Stella Nwanguma, MS Principal, Ms. Marcella Smith, MS Teacher