About BOE

Winslow Township Board of Education

2018 Board of Education

Standing (Left to Right): Mr. Howard Long, Board Solicitor, Mr. John Shaw, Board Member, Dr. H. Major Poteat, Superintendent, Ms. Julie Peterson, Board Vice President, Mr. Larry Blake, Board Member, Mr. Rogers Robinson, Board Member

Seated (Left to Right): Ms. LaVonyia Mitchell, Board Member, Ms. Gail Watkins, Board Member, Ms. Cheryl Pitts, Board President, Ms. Lorraine Dredden, Board Member, Ms. Rita Martin, Board Member, Ms. Tyra McCoy-Boyle, Board Secretary

The Winslow Township Board of Education is comprised of nine community members, each elected to a three-year term. Regular meetings are typically held at Winslow Township Middle School on the second and fourth Wednesday. Please check the Board Meeting Schedule tab to verify the location.

The public is encouraged to attend these meetings and participate in the public sessions.

Members Email
Cheryl Pitts, President
Julie Peterson, Vice President
Dr. H. Major Poteat, Superintendent
Larry Blake
Lorraine Dredden
LaVonyia B. Wilson-Mitchell
Rita Martin

Gail P. Watkins
John Shaw, Jr. 
Ms. Tyra McCoy-Boyle, Board Secretary
Wade, Long, Wood & Kennedy, LLC.
Board Solicitor

2018-2019 District & Board Goals


   1.            Student Achievement Continue implementation of the Academic Plan to address:

      a.    Articulation at all grade levels throughout the District

b.    Focus on classroom instruction at all grade levels

c.    Increase student proficiency rates throughout district

d.    Evaluation and updating all District programs

e.    Accountability of all District staff

 2.            Continue to foster a positive school environment that is conducive to teaching and learning.

      a.    Focus on building relationships among staff that will result in increased learning and more effective instruction

b.    Promote creative instruction (training and retraining)

c.    Emphasis on collaboration with all district stakeholders

d.    Promote cultural competence throughout the District

 3.            Market our strengths and achievements to all stakeholders to increase capacity for greater parent/caregiver/community support.

     a.    Continue with our public relations/marketing plan

b.    Continue to work with the various advisory committees in the district

2018-2019 BOARD GOALS

Continue to provide effective oversight of the district by strengthening the knowledge and processes of the board by continuing to work toward board certification. 

a.   Complete the annual Board self-evaluation process 

2018 Board Committee Assignments

Education Committee Julie Peterson (Chairperson)
Larry Blake
LaVonyia Mitchell
Operations Committee Lorraine Dredden (Chairperson)
John Shaw, Jr. 
Gail Watkins
Policy/Human Resources Cheryl Pitts (Chairperson)
Lorraine Dredden
Rita Martin
Negotiations Committee Julie Peterson (Chairperson)
Lorraine Dredden
Rita Martin
Township Liaison Cheryl Pitts (Chairperson)
Gail Watkins 

Marketing Committee Larry Blake (Chairperson)
John Shaw, Jr. 
Citizens Advisory Committee Rita Martin (Liaison)
(Any additional Board Members
not to exceed four)

Athletic CommitteeJohn Shaw(Chairperson)

Ad-Hoc Citizens Advisory Committee

Ad Hoc Citizens Advisory Committee Guidelines

The following residents were selected to participate on the Citizens Advisory Committee:

  • Ms. Sheila Felder
  • Ms. Rosalind Russ-Tobias
  • Ms. Cynthia Moore
  • Ms. Rosa Hill
  • Ms. Caron Charney
  • Mr. Jeff Fortune
  • Ms. Marcy Tomasello
  • Ms. Susan Quillen-Shaw
  • Ms. April Hughes