HSA Information
The Winslow Township Parent Advocacy Committee is here for you!

What is the P.A.C?

The Parent Advocacy Committee (P.A.C.) consists of parents who meet on a regular basis with the District Superintendent, Dr. Poteat, to discuss issues relating to our schools. The Committee consists of one representative and one alternate from each of the eight Winslow Township Public Schools. Each member gathers questions, comments, concerns and feedback from parents and presents them to Dr. Poteat at a monthly meeting. Answers are then relayed back to the parents via the school’s monthly H.S.A. meetings.

What questions are appropriate for the P.A.C?

Dr. Poteat welcomes any questions concerning the Winslow Township School District; however, questions concerning your child’s individual progress should be directed first to your child’s teacher and/or Building Principal. If you are unsure whether a topic is appropriate for the P.A.C., just ask. That’s what we’re here for!

How do I get involved?

There is only one Parent Advocacy Committee member and one alternate from each school. Members are chosen or elected from each school’s HSA/PTO. If you are interested in being a member of the Committee, contact your school’s HSA. Whether you are a member of your school’s HSA or not, you can still get involved by attending your school’s HSA meetings. Each PAC representative reports to their school at HSA meetings each month. To find out who your school’s PAC representative is, please contact your HSA, or if you choose, you may contact the PAC through the link provided.